Nicaragua 2017

Andy Davis’ second volunteer mission was a trip to help the local community of Jiquilillo in Northern Nicaragua.  On this trip, Andy visited an area called, El Liminal which is a community of 300 families that are living on an actual trash dump. In addition to supplying the community with health and wellness supplies, Andy and his group were able to donate ingredients to cook a meal from scratch over large wood burning stoves that fed the whole community.  All the community members showed up with their own cups, bowls and buckets to bring the food back to their families. It was an amazing and extremely humbling experience.

While on the trip, Andy made a special connection with a young girl named Candida. She was so sweet and helped show him around her community. Before heading back to the US, Andy gave his contact info and provided additional supplies to help support Candida and her family.  Andy has since stayed in touch as pen pals with the family!

Andy also paid a visit to a local school for a day and was able to spend quality time with the children teaching them English while they in turn taught him additional Spanish words.  Andy and the kids spent the day playing games, learning English, and sharing in American candy which sent them into a frenzy!

Additional community service consisted of painting a house for a family that was part of the women’s cooperative, organizing a beach clean-up, and supporting local conservation efforts to protect turtles from being poached.  Andy was able to team up with Monty’s Beach Lodge to assist in the turtle hatching process and ultimately help release hundreds of hatchlings into the Pacific Ocean. To celebrate a successful charity mission, Andy and his fellow volunteers were able to go on a long sunset horseback ride on the beach.

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