Guatemala 2018

With the help of Monty’s Beach Lodge, Andy Davis and a team of ROG community members headed down to Guatemala in October.  Funds were allocated to two separate projects in the village of San Pedro. The first project was allocating funds to put the finishing touches on a surgical unit at a local hospital.  Due to our ROG communities’ charitable efforts, Dr. Mendez and his team were able to complete their first surgery this past January. The second beneficiary of our charitable giving was a young local artist and his family of 12.  Funds were allocated to construct an additional bedroom, a concrete walkway, and a watershed and table at his house. Andy and the rest of the ROG members in attendance were able to get their hands dirty and assist in the construction of the room by mixing the concrete and stacking the blocks.  We look forward to keeping in touch with the beautiful people we met in San Pedro and are proud of our organization’s impact in their local community!